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Thursday, February 18, 2010

I am tired!

I am tired!
Tired of the words they say.

They please you, they praise you, they win your heart
They admire you all the time; making you blind;
They make sure you trust them from the start.

I am tired!
Tired of the games they play;

They catch you, they push you, they rip you apart;
you lose faith, you lose friends, you lose it all you have;
They leave you all alone; with a broken heart

I am tired!
Tired of the things they do

they stab you in your back and come to console you
They command you, they possess you
you are left at their mercy; they have the last laugh!

You are all alone; nowhere to go!
You cannot run; you cannot hide
they make sure you are not even left with the option to die

you are in total darkness; scared of yourself;
they have won; won the game they played

Yes I am tired!
Tired of losing all over again!

PS: This piece is a result of my current mood. It is not a poem nor I am attempting any verses; nor I am trying to rhyme. You do not necessarily have to like it.

PPS: You may like it if you are the victim and you will hate it if you are the culprit.

PPPS: I am neither the victim nor the culprit.

Image Source: wdydwyd.ning.com
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