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Monday, June 14, 2010


What happens when a professional lawyerist meets a professional scientist??
They discuss laws... criminal law... newton's law... cole slaw... etc. etc.

What happens when they meet a professional hedonist??

Total Law-cha

Ahem?? whats that??

A wannabe pseudo intellectual, pseudo marketing guru, pseudo what-not blogger tries to give *professional advice* to these "mature" bloggers almost twice his/her age... He gets kick assed all over town.

And then he tries to seek solace (read whine) at another conclave of mature bloggers... and he did mention that he was a teen.. for that extra bit of sympathy...


Feel like crying?? Sure.. go ahead... like I always say... Laugh and the world laughs with you... Cry and the world laughs at you!!!

So next time you decide to throw pseudo professional advice at anyone.. whether you are Superman/Batman/Spiderman *hint.. remember the joke* or you are shaktimaan.. aryamaan... or whether you wear your pants inside your undies or inside out... you're gonna get Kick Assed

Coming back to Square one... What happens when a professional lawyerist meets a professional scientist and a professional hedonist??