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Monday, December 21, 2009


Hello people, welcome to KickAss - the jakkas blog. Well it has been quite a few days since we started this blog, but the first post was not getting kick started for a long time. And the co-author of this blog has been hiding under the covers claiming she is going through the so called writer's blog! Will anybody in one's right mind believe that? But why am I mentioning here here? Well the reason behind this post is indeed Guria. Well read on and find out!

I am sure most of you love compliments; people commenting on your clothes, accessories, features, height and what not! After receiving all those compliments, how confident we become, right? Ah! wish it worked with me too the same way. I am pathetic at taking compliments. They embarrass me so much that I wish, "kash abhi ye dharti fat jaaye aur me usme sama jau"! Too cliched but so very true for me.

It so happens that G always showers me with compliments! I am damn sure she was madly in love with me in our last birth. I would have been a flirt, usko dhoka diya hoga and in this birth she is taking a revenge on me! Why revenge? For she very well knows how pathetic I am at taking compliments, how much they trouble me, how I run to hide from them. But she still does not stop!

Now since this morning, G has started a new wish-list on her fan page. And her first wish is:

If I were a man........ #1 I'd wish Neti was not married ;)

Actually, I want to thank god for her block; if not for the block, she would have written a whole post on this!

I think it all seems pretty odd to you guys na, that I don't like compliments? I can give you a good example for this. Once I had been to a party with my husband. There we met his ex girlfriend. She complimented me saying my husband is a lucky guy as I was his wife. I replied, "Really?"

Poor my husband M; he got so embarrassed, leaving me even more embarrassed! So please people*, stop throwing your compliments at me. Shoot me if you hate me so much, but please spare me from this!

* People = G


Guria said...

You are now going to get publicly embarassed! Just wait!! This place then it is!! :D :D
Pagal ladki!! :D
And poor, poor M!! :P :P

Neti said...

G dear, you are my best friend na...please dont do that..apna pichle janam ka rishta hai na :P

MADHU RAO | (INDImag.COM) said...

Congrats on the new blog :-)

Hang on G, lemme get some popcorn ;-) . All set. Go ahead ..

Guria said...

Please Madhu, not popcorns, we dont want you to choke on it ;) :D
Health Hazards Prevention n all :P :D