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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Not so Complimentary!

Is it possible to have best friends in a virtual world?
Or you can say we are just lucky!
Neti and I (this coming live from Guria's hang-out... yeah, I am a geek, I hang out with my computer, you mind?) have this fascination with people, sometimes critical, sometimes lavish... but an opinion we always have. Hence, KickAss. Our pet blog.
Here we are going to take refuge in unity while ranting.
Even though we both are *pretty* good fiction writers, our favourite characters are the real ones we see, hear and of course, read about every day, and we observe.
Seeking refuge in being a pair writing and owning this blog, we are here to bash brains and kick ass! So are you upto it? Got the guts?
Okay, Neti is the nice one in here and I'm the bad one, that's already as good as chiseled by the last few sentences. But then Neti is actually the nicest one. Few may know I had loved (and lost) her in my last life. Not the one as created by Facebook or from Pichle Janam ke Raaz (or whatever) but really... because that is the only way she can define my over-the-board compliments. But coming back to the point, Neti is really the best-est individual with the gold-iest heart that I know. and she really hates attention on to her. 
Oh, she puts on a very "I'm rude and I'm sarcastic" mask of bravado, keeping people confused but I can always see her squirming!
When I type, "u r sexy! ;)"
She types back, "hahahaha" and after a pause a very formal "Thank you :)"... Good manners kick in!
Well, she does have great legs, and I don't have to be male to notice those, but completely comatose, with all nerve-connections cut-off and on a ventilator not to!!
Rest of the time she is typing "U r madddddd"...
I mean she'll rant "I dont write well", "I wish it could have been better" and this-blah and that-blah, and when I very honestly say "u r one of d best writers arnd" and I immediately become 'biased n madddd'
Now she knows I'm the Sarcastic Butter Queen, meaning I am best at concocting a damn potent cocktail of over-the-top but not-untrue compliments with dash of subtle sarcasm. And no one knows it better than her. But still she has problem digesting anything and everything nicey-nice said about her.
At first I used to think she's like me. I love being coy and modest, it fetches more compliments you know, but no, she seriously loathes them. So, when I know my compliments can have such pivotal effect (Neti looks so pretty when she is red), I understand it's being put to good, nei great use, and hence showering compliments it is, my other pet hobby!
Finally she has come up with, "I don't trust ur judgment any more.... u r too partial"
But I guess, actually she was relieved. When she learned for sure that I have no bi-sexual or heterosexual tendencies. 
I do love her. She is my dearest friend.
There's no reason why one shouldn't believe me... Thank God I'm not a man, then no one would have. ;)

Image Courtesy: blogs.csuchico.edu


Neti said...

I am going to kill you!

actually, I am to be blamed for this post; for had i not written the last one, this wouldn't have been there..

I so wish this post was for someone else; I would have loved it..i would have said, you are the bestest writer I know. But alas, I can't give u that title anymore!

I am going into hiding for a few days now..

Guria said...

If you hadn't written that post... I would have still been moaning and nursing my so-called block! :P
Love pulling your long legs girl, my new favourite pastime! ;)

pawan said...

Now is this place meant for u both to vent out ur feelings towards each other?

If dats the case u have succeeded!

Guria said...

Err... umm...erm... not really... is that what happened?

But don't worry too much, we are going to stop being all nice from the very next post, and become downright mean! And about others, not each other! ;)

SiD said...

ok this blog has everything...

masala from last janam, girl loving a girl modernization, dosti, villain(thats you), hero(ene) and completely usless ranting...

So basically u r writing a bollywood flick are you??/ :P

Okay, Neti is the nice one in here and I'm the bad one,
Really only here??? :P Naah... u r the evil and crazy one everywhere...:P

Good going...

Guria said...

Well, u missed out in another part... the actual reason the blog was made,
and that will be set out pretty soon. About People.
These two posts were "Blog Testing" only, one from Neti and one from me, the gaming has just begun...
And thanx for the compliment ;) :P