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Sunday, January 31, 2010

MAV goes to IM

Hey people! My dear friend and one of the authors of KickAss family is joining INDImag family. Mr. Madhu requested me whether he could interview Guria on KickAss; well how could I have refused right? So here goes Mr. Madhu Rao of INDImag live on KickAss with Guria.

Welcome Aboard Guria. We have a tradition of welcoming a new member on board with our IM Anthem.

Bugles, trumpets out of bag;
Mav is joining INDImag.

Ours is the best place to be;
Welcome to INDImag family!

Claps Claps Claps.

After that amazing anthem written by me; let me welcome Guria, aka the Maverick Misfit aka Mav.

M: Welcome to INDImag Mav. How does it feel to be on the board of IM?

G: :-P Thank you Madhu. It feels great to be here. It has always been my dream to be a part of IM :-P.

M: Oh that’s great. I am honoured. But what exactly was the reason behind you wanting to be a part of IM?
G: :-P, Whenever there is a new author on board; you always welcome him/her with a wonderful welcome comment :-P. I wanted to get one too from you :-P.

M: Errrr Mav, why are you sticking out your tongue? Isn’t it rude?

G: :-P, Madhu, that’s my signature expression. I am sure you will get used to it soon.

M: You know why I wanted you to be on IM board? There are two reasons: First; apart from me, you are the only writer whose posts very few understand; most comment on our posts without understanding it and they are all praises; as they all want to play safe. Sigh!

Second – I have been curious to know; why do you call yourself Guria and not Gudia?

G: ROFL. You know, I have a few secrets. Please don’t reveal those :-P.

I do not like to use the letter D in Hindi. So I write my name as Guria instead of Gudia; I say Parai instead of Padhai (even if it changes the meaning completely), chor instead of Chhod etc. Etc. My second secret: I do not understand Hindi Genders – kya male hai and kya female hai muje nahi samaj aati hai. Mera hindi thoda si weak hai. I hope we will have to write only in English on IM. :-P

M: Ummmm, all right. That’s fine. (darn, I wish I had known it all earlier)
We at IM have a tradition to give a separate Signature to our authors:

Harsha is INDIhar; I am INDImad (for sure now; as I recruited you) and you shall be INDImav (I can’t believe I am doing this!).

Welcome aboard INDImav! Good luck (to me and IM)

PS: This is a pure work of fiction with real characters. Any resemblance to anybody is completely intentional.


Guria said...

I think I'll outbid, outrun, outdo, out-everything Madhu in going for your throat! 'Cause people will absolutely go for mine! I'm going to be thrashed!!
But if it hadn't been about my Hindi, I would have been ROFL-ing... sigh!
Neha = KickAss Queen

Neti said...

errrr, the above comment is not for me I guess..Madhu will reply to you G :D

Guria said...

No sweetheart, the comment was entirely and totally for you! :D

Neti said...

oh ok, then well, nobody will be thrashing you..I am no queen Madam..you are the Maverick. Remember?

Gyanban said...

oelkam end luk pharwhat to eyor poshts.

Indian Pundit said...

"ROFL. You know, I have a few secrets."
Hey Sreya
Your "secrets" are quite "funny".

Thank God...you DONT use the letter D in Hindi!!!!

i think u know why??


By the way , i like the name Sreya more.

Bikram said...

Another Secret of making lots of comment on your blog.. Talk to each other Via the Comments :0 yayyyyyyyyyyyyy .. you should add this to your previous article ..

Ok now dont go for my throat .. you already have Guria for that ... or she you..

MADHU RAO | (INDImag.COM) said...

I thought I commented here, but no..

Neha marvayegi kya ? :-) . I'm sure the few people who write for INDImag are reconsidering now ; ishtarting with Gu'r'ia going Pa'r'ai on INDImag . We were thinking of naming her lab INDILabs -- like Google Labs !


Again you are to blame for her mixing up geneders in Hindi. She is mixing up a lot of things -- remember the hetero comment ? Why are you doing this Trixie ? Ek post to karne de na !

INDImad ? Guilty as charged.

;-( <- Mera naya signature.

narendra said...

heeeee....its so funn here!!! LOL LOL...parai and chor ..eeeksss....i know cute bangalans say paraai...I have lots and lots of bangali frnds..hahaah one such neighbour in kol used to loudly shout out when i appeared in front of him..Narenddraaa kaisi ho!! and I had to check my pockets(for my gender..;) ok now so much cheap jokes are toh allowed in kick ass..)