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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Wazz up Dudette!!!

Happy New year people! We at KickAss are a bit slow and too lazy to come up with a new post very frequently. But whenever we do, we assure you that you will for sure pray that our laziness should get extended for lifetime. At least one person after reading this post title will surely think so. And he will abandon KickAss forever after reading this post. Quite a few of you would have understood whom I am talking about. For the rest let me introduce you to Sid aka Ravan - our Hero for this post for now.

Ravan always has all the latest news and info about the happenings in the blogsphere. The latest development that happened a couple of days back was the gender change of Ms. Vipul the Marshal

And as always; Ravan was the first one to give us this news. No wonder he is climbing the ladder of success so fast. And just look at his modesty, even though he has his own domain now; he still calls his blog the Science of Stupidity.

Sir Ravan, teach us something please!

See I am so hopeless that I can't even come up with my own lines.

And now comes the Marshal - who has an uninterrupted brain due to which he comes up with ossum (ah, I am learning a bit Ravanji) ideas for Blog-a-Ton each month. Now this time, he has come up with an image, and the blog-a-tonics have to come up with a post keeping in mind the theme of that image. Such brains are around that they came up with different kinda posts based on the egg-figure image.

If I had participated in BAT, I would have written:

77+1 True Story of a Tomato Soul

People, welcome to 25th century. I am the soul of the tomato that was used by the human egg to colour this painting. And my wife Pencil could not see this happening to me. So she sacrificed our kid - the fevicol too and applied it on the ass of this human egg. The egg got permanently stuck to that chair and she drew a line between the chair and my grave!

Warm Regards - Tomato Fida Hussain

Now do you agree Mr. Madhu why I do not participate in BAT? I am not intelligent like you guys to come up with a post on paintings. And after reading this, I guess I am going to lose my first client of the new year. Yesterday only he told me that I am going to represent him in the court of law if need be. Sigh! Stupid me.

Moreover, I am going to be sued by people whom I have given a respectful space in my post. But Please sue Ste; for he started the page - waat lagao, sabki bajao - and inspired me to come up with this write up. Do read his post. Then you will hate me less. And he has only mentioned me there. I do not have anything to do with that post of his!


pawan said...

What should I tell about Tomato soul? (Not to forget our own Dudette Vipul and sex change specialist Sid [take it easy mate :D])

Simple and super :D
I read three posts till now, and this by far is the best :)


Insignia said...

This sure was a tight kick!!!

Hahahahaha..I loved the story of soul of a tomato..

So creative...Keep churning more such things. :-)

SiD said...

yaar bacche ki jaaan loge tum log...:P

Karthik said...

Sid dudette... hahahahahahahahahhahahahaa... lol... :D :P :D
That was an ossum kick! Even Chuck Norris would be stunned. :D

MADHU RAO | (INDImag.COM) said...

Neha-full of-Trix !
Maan gaye. Paai lagoon ! Mai apne BAT post vapis lene ki soch raha hai. Kyon ? BAT-walonko aapne bewakoooofff jo bola

Haan, haan, aap ne intelligent bola but that is to be read "intelligent" (quotes pe dhyaan diya jaaye)yaani in reality it states "Stupid painting pe bakawas likh rahe ho murkho, main utni 'intelligent' nahi hoon "

If we have a problem we ought to sue Ste. Dost(Ste) ko dushman banao aur aap ko bijness bhi deo ? Ste ko sue karne ke liye lawyer ki zaroorat toh padegi !

Whatever happens in this post I'm not bothered, you are still my lawyer. Jaan bachane ke liye apni lawyer aap jaise cut-throat hona chahiye ;-)

Wake up Sid aur haag ; nahi to yeh nilaam karne waali hai :-)

The Solitary Writer said...

haha where is the hero of the post...ravan ji hahaha

what an idea dudette!

neha our main motti is waal lagaao aur sabki bajaooo hahahaa

Guria said...

Such damn difficult interpretation of the picture, Ma'am. You take the cake for innovation! :D
Great post! I think my name in the contributors section alone should suffice, you do the actual writing!!
You are too good, Amdamji (?)!! :))
Psst, what is an uninterrupted brain?? :P

Neti said...

@ Pawan, thanks buddy..but this is indeed not a simple post re..read the follow up comments and you might find many things hidden here :D glad you liked the post buddy..and this is an Unofficial BAT entry :P

@ Insignia, the tomato story is indeed creative re...nobody could have thought of such a crappy thing but me :D thanks again..

Neti said...

@ Sid, c'mon re..teri jaan kaha le rahe hai..I am simply praising you here..ain't you climbing the ladder of success? you have your own domain now, your Indirank has gone up to 81, your readers are around 100..what else one needs? so chill DUDE, I am praising you here. This post is not sarcastic ok :)

Neti said...

@ Karthik, hmmm, i dunno about Chuck Norris ka reactions, but few people are and will definitely be stunned :D

@ Ste, the hero is just around the corner..he is a very down to earth person you see :D and yeah, waat lagao sab ki bajaao :P

Neti said...

@ Madhu, Arre sirji, aap mahan ho..aap humare paai mat laago ji..humne to saral shabdo me aap logo ko intelligent kaha..aap khud ke baare me aisa mat boliye..quotes pe dhyaan mat dijiye ji..the meaning is quite straight sir :D

Aap ne to Ste ki post padhi na..usne waat lagayi hai sab ki...mera usme koi haath nahi hai ji..painting ko Ste ne bakwas bola, that's why you should sue him..:D and yeah, mera bhi business and aap ka commission :P

and I will always be your lawyer ji..:D good luck to u..

Sid ko wake up call de do, but bhagao mat :P

Neti said...

@ G, difficult interpretation? no re baba, itta simple to hai human anda..and u lazy girl, now that you are back, write something for kickass ok..and you are the best girl..everyone knows that..

uninterrupted brain of Vipul? well, let him answer that.. :P

Mr. Pramathesh said...

Topi Waale ki Band Baj Gayi. :P

Vipul Grover said...

Guys wn u write sch gr8 posts, atleast intimate me yaar.. Thnx to shruti, i came to know about my sex change X-(
lol.. keep up the kick ass work guys :)

Neti said...

@ PB, topiwale ki indeed baj gayi :P

@ Marshal, it is never too late sir...we will keep kicking your ass sir from time to time so far as our BAT is going on you see :D

Narendra said...

WHATT??thanks for not participating in the BAT!!

nice blog..mereko kisine bataya hi nahi ki guria and neha run a blog together,,,

Narendra said...

ok now m full confused..is neti=neha ?? picture looks same..dont know..


keep writing..

waise bhi padhta kaun hai ?;)