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Sunday, January 17, 2010

KickAss in Demand!

Two months, three authors and one writer - KickAss is going pretty strong people! Few wonderful souls keep providing us with non-stop massala so that we can function round the clock and entertain you. Popularity does not depend on numbers here. We are popular as people (read our regular punching bag) want to join the management of KickAss.

According to that people; with him on the board, we will be a much stronger force! My my, we are not looking for "weight" here. We are only looking for scapegoats; and that "people" already qualifies here. So Mister, you are very much a part of KickAss; even if you call your male servant - maid. We do need you around sir as you are ossumly wuu huu!

People (now I am addressing all of you), if you are on facebook; you would be aware about the "Like" option there whereby you can simply click it if you find a post, a status or an application likable or amusing. but certain Mr.
PB has a discriminating opinion about it. He claims that girls keep pressing the "like" button everywhere! Ummmm, our punching bag has a competition here. Why? Well, as per this PB Theory, whoever presses the like button is a girl! Do we have another set of dudettes in making guys?

But meri tragedy dekhiye! I am supposed to be the good author here - the white one; and G is the evil - the Black one and our very own
Crap Master (CM) is balancing us with his Grey cells! Still people (now read Madhu) call me Neha Full of Trix. Sigh! Tell me what am I supposed to do with two of the co-authors doing nothing here. So whatever i write becomes a trick. One side I am full of Trix and the other side I am velli.

Velli reminds me that our Marshal is planning and plotting something against KickAss author/s. "My evil mind is at work" he so claims. It is going to be great for KickAss any which ways; for we are hungry for more publicity. I can even introduce Rakhi CM Sawant here if we are becoming famous. So all of you; bring it all you want to. WE WANT FAME!


Karthik said...

Nobody is spared, huh? I better be careful.. :D
Yet again, an ossum kick! ;-)

Vipul Grover said...

U r a big time vehli :p

Mr. Pramathesh™ Borkotoky said...

Yaar meri theory ki waat laga di! My theory says that girls press THE like button without going through the post. Boys wish if there was an unlike button and prefer to press it more than the like button.

Madhu | INDImag.com said...

Neha ji,
A lawyer with tricks up her sleeve would be called a rainmaker.

So compliment tha ;-) .